Hawai'i Pacific Health Banner Ads


Project Overview

This was a quick-turn-around request for static banner ads for Hawai'i Pacific Health. I was working in conjunction with my former employer, Anthology Marketing Group, out of Honolulu, Hawai'i to quickly create banner ads for an upcoming campaign.

Round 1 Concept (300x250 Static Ad)

My initial concept was heavily influence by several hero banners that were used within the clients website. One particular challenge with banner ads is the space considerations necessary for any messaging and branding.

Round 2 Concept (300x250 Static Ad)
Final Concept (300x250 Static Ad)

After the initial rounds of revision, I was introduced to a print campaign that was happening in parallel to the release of these advertisements. The final print collection was then adjusted to stylistically match the print ads to unify the overall brand tone.

Other Work