Illumio Partners - A Hubspot Hack

Web Development

Project Overview

Illumio was in need of an efficient way to create content for both a listings page and unique landing pages using the Hubspot CRM. The content needed to be reused across the pages in multiple locations while remaining simple to use and ideal for re-purposing for additional pages at a later time.

Initial Steps

I researched possible options of stretching the utility the Hubspot Blog platform past its standard use. This blog platform integrates with variables and other various bits of functionality made available with HubL - Hubspot's unique language, loosely based on Jinja. These variables and the ability to use individual templates with cross-integrated content provided the opportunity to create a bit of a hack that achieved the goals of this project.

After it was determined that utilizing the blog platform was the best option for cross-integration, we moved to creating initial wireframes and design mocks.

The Process

After a discovery conversation with the client, where various design inspirations were presented - I moved on to creating hi-fi wireframes. The page is laid out with a card-structure, with each card being dynamically created by individual list-item entries. Visual design was determined by brand standards.

I began building the structure of the pages after approval, working with a combination of a drag-and-drop editor and hand-coding HTML, CSS, and the logic behind the dynamic content in hubL.

The final steps in the creation of these pages included asset creation, content pour, and leading a coordinated integration of the pages within the site structure.

The Result

The final design and functionality can be seen on the Illumio Partners page.

Other Work