LanguageLine iOS Application

App Design

Project Overview

Language line approached me with the need to rapidly turn around an iOS design for a video iterpreter appplication based on specs from a design they had purchased from a design market that did not meet their expectations. The designs had to meet App Store standards as well as be versitile enough to be translated to a web application and eventually to a mobile application for both Android and iOS.

Initial Steps

Because the initial architecture of the application had been loosely mapped out prior to my involvement, I began the project by reviewing the architecture and user flows as well as establishing a meeting with all staked interests to gather the aesthetic requirements and inspirations.

From this juncture, we quickly moved into design iterations.

The Process

Upon final approval of the selected design, I was tasked with coordinating with the remote AGILE development team for the web deployment. This involved user flow conversations, asset handovers, managing design expectations, and quickly producing design specifications for any unforeseen screen types.

Final Results

A video demonstration of the final product is found on the LanguageLine website as well as more detailed information about the functionality of the application. 

Other Work